Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes 247 Digital Video Systems better than the competitor?
Our systems sales approach is likely our greatest strength. We design and manufacture our DVR’s and this is a significant advantage when it comes to responding to the future needs of our targeted market. Our reputation will be built on our after-sales product support.

2. How do you get the video from the DVR to my computer?
We've eliminated the need for a docking station by supplying a direct-connect USB Mini B cable to connect the hard drive to the computer. We also download video using a USB flash memory "stick", as well as offering wireless capabilities for the ultimate in convenience.

3. How many cameras does the 247 system have in its basic package?
We have both a 2 channel DVR with 1-2 cameras and a 4 channel DVR with 1-4 cameras. All systems have cameras capable of 30 frames per second on each camera and each camera has a microphone. This can give total coverage within the bus. Customized systems with up to 16 cameras are available.

4. How easy is it to install?
Our system is likely the easiest system to install on the market today. Our very small footprint and unique snap-connect cabling system allows installers to work quickly. Our documentation is complete and supported by Toll-Free and on-site engineering support.

5. If I purchase the 2 camera system what do I get--what are the hidden charges like software and docking stations for downloads?
Our system includes the DVR, the cameras, the cables, USB/miniB cable, the software, event marker, installation/operation manuals,  DVRViewer software, and Toll-Free support, at NO extra charge!

6. How much does it cost?
Costs vary because 247 can provide a customized system designed to meet unique requirements. Our digital systems are now comparable to the cost of a VCR system when life cycle and maintenance costs are factored in. We are affordable and competitive.

7.Does 247 secure the software?
The school district owns a license to the DVRViewer software and controls who has access to the video. This includes the flash memory key which has software embedded so no one can access your video without your permission--this is a very important security feature.

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