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Maintenance Tips

400/500 Series and ZEUS DVRs

• Check lights for power and recording –You should see green power and amber recording. If a Red light is flashing check your camera connections in live view on DVR viewer.
• Fan filters–To prevent overheating these should be cleaned out regularly (no fan filter on Zeus models)
• Power cable connection – Check to ensure your power connection is secure on the back of the DVR.
• Clean camera lenses – Get the best view possible wipe smudges and dirt with a soft cloth
• DVR mounting springs – these can wear over time on rough roads
• Check date and time – connect to live view using your provided LAN cable and a laptop with DVR viewer. Sync up your time a date stamps if they are off. IF YOU HAVE OUR GPS MODULE CONNECTED YOUR TIME AND DATE ARE ALWAYS BE IN SYNC.



• Check for proper hard drive configuration. If you are using DHD your Zeus should have the box check on the set-up page of DVR viewer in live view.
• If you are using standard HDD that box should not be checked and you should have the spring mounted base on the Zeus.



• Make sure you have the latest version of DVRViewer, compatible with all of our DVRs.
• To download, click the button below.


Reformatting Hard Drives

• Winter and Summer breaks are a great time to reformat your hard drives and start the new year with fresh recording space you want to. Follow these steps for a simple reformat.
• Swap drives of the SAME type (HDD or DHD) into a different DVR. Once the unit is powered up it will reformat the drive automatically. Ex. Remove the drive from bus #1 and put into bus #2, from #2 into #3 and so on.
• The units should all go into record mode when swapped. This is also a great way to test to make sure the drives are in good condition.

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