Press Release: 247Security responds to fight against COVID-19

As a designer-manufacturer of video and GPS-based solutions for the school bus and law enforcement markets, 247 has certain engineering and manufacturing capabilities that they have been able to mobilize against the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19, 247 has been working diligently to design and produce personal protective equipment (PPE); equipment that is now ready to be donated to the front lines.

As a community leader, Quang Nguyen, President and CEO of both 247Security and Toronto MicroElectronics [TME], saw a connection between the need and his companies’ abilities. The result has been a mobilization of both engineering and manufacturing to produce first, face shields for use in environments where medical and educational personnel need protection. Mr. Nguyen states,

“We are fortunate to be able to help during this trying period. Hospitals are struggling to find supplies at the right price and we have the capacity to answer the call. We are making thousands of face shields to donate to various school districts and hospitals. We are also making our designs available freely to those with laser cutters and appropriate production facilities to join us in the production effort to provide as many face shields to the front lines as possible.”

Healthcare workers across the country are in desperate need of additional personal protective equipment so that they can continue to courageously perform their duties on the front lines. In addition to shields, 247Security will have a form-fitting mask design ready for production shortly. Designs for full body protective gear, with air purification functionality are in the testing stage. Robert Scott, SVP sums up his company’s motivations. 

“Both Quang and I have daughters who are MD’s in large urban hospitals and on the front lines. We feel first-hand the anxiety of knowing doctors, nurses, and all caregivers need protection to stay healthy and do their jobs. They are true heroes. We simply want to help as best we can.”

247Security is calling on the industries they serve to contact them to assist in the distribution of these essential PPE’s. School districts and law enforcement agencies may need PPE’s for their own use or may want to acquire for distribution within their communities to hospitals, retirement homes and others in need. Go to for more information.