Taxi & Rideshare

Peace-of-Mind, Day or Night

One hundred and fifty years of actual fleet operations experience was brought together to act as a design team for our early designs. Those early designs have been improved upon through your suggestions. Each new design goes through strict engineering testing procedures to ensure that the system you receive meets our standards. When changes are made, our support team is always available to talk you through training in their use.

The Next Generation of Taxi / Rideshare Security

Drivers deserve to have the security of knowing that their passengers know they are being recorded. And passengers certainly want to know that they have a security provided in such a way that they will not find their face on the internet. 247Security has studied the taxi market and the result is the TVS6 ,Taxi Video System. We’ve designed a reliable and compact system that helps drivers and passengers feel secure, and law enforcement confident that they will have solid video evidence. Starting with our approval by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, 247Security has developed a video system that meets everyone’s needs in the Taxi industry.

Compact Footprint

Our compact and durable TVS6-HD system is easy to install and conceal. It requires no ventilation holes due to its low power requirements and operating temperature.

Ensure Driver Safety

Each time the panic button is pressed, it creates 1,500 panic images in 5 minutes. The panic images are stored in a secure storage area and can only be erased when the secure storage area is full. This secure storage area can store up to 15,000 panic images.

Chain of Custody (CoC) System

Enjoy unique three level data protection system that ensures only the highest authority with an Electronic Hardware Security Key (EHSK) will ever access the video.

Reduce Liability

Protect your organization against vexatious litigation, fraud claims, and unwarranted liability with a reliable mobile digital video system and infrared cameras. Ensure you always have an objective witness for any incident.


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