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Our mission is to provide elegantly simple solutions designed for pupil transportation, public transit, taxicab, law enforcement, and a variety of fleet applications.  We strive to provide our customers with innovative technology, that is manufactured in North America, that is reliable, competitively priced, and easy to operate while delivering exceptional customer service.



Reliable & Innovative Technology

247Security is a leading provider and manufacturer of mobile digital video recording equipment, security cameras, GPS data management, and wireless video management solutions. We know mobile security, we were there when it was invented. Our Senior VP of Sales most likely sold the first school bus video recorder. Through our active dialogue with our customers, we are able to feel the pulse of the industry and respond to feature requests faster.


Empowering a Variety of Industries

For over 20 years we have been making sure people get to where they need to go safely. Whether it's on the way to school, to work, or going out with friends, 247Security technology is the silent guardian keeping them safe.

School Bus & Pupil Transport

School Bus & Pupil Transport


Support/Install & On-Site Services

Support/Install & On-Site Services



The Pulse of the Industry

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We Set The Standard for Support

Mobile video solutions are only as good as the team who backs them up. 247Security provides lifetime support in a variety of ways.
Installation support & training, online and phone support, online and onsite training, as well as onsite maintenance services.
We provide all this through our own team of remote and field service specialists.
Want to use a local supplier you trust? We supply support through partnerships as well!


Where Innovation and Quality Meet


One hundred and fifty years of actual fleet operations experience was brought together to act as a design team for our early designs. The result has been video solutions that make sense to our customers who are charged with fleet operations that keep people safe. We understand what you do every day because we have been in your shoes!

Respond to a Need

Our mission is to help our customers keep people safe.

Develop Products

Our products are developed and built right here in North America. We believe it's the right way.

Listen to You

Listening to our customers' feedback allows us to improve our products.


Hours of Video Stored

Every single month on 247Security Video Systems


Years of Experience

In fleet management on staff